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About Hanseatic

Hanseatic Management Services, Inc. – an investment boutique catering to institutional as well as private clients who believe the ultimate in sophistication comes from simplicity. For over 20 years and through various market cycles, the cohesive portfolio team at Hanseatic has employed its proprietary, adaptive, and robust investment tools to simplify the investment process by reducing the human biases that complicate the investment decision and that are not always consistent with actual market behavior. The Hanseatic model has generated proven track records of capturing alpha and/or preserving capital as it dynamically adapts to the prevailing factors and risks present, not predicted, in a multitude of markets.

Based in Albuquerque, Hanseatic is a minority- and Veteran-owned firm. We work directly with institutional investor clients and/or their consultants.

What’s In a Name?

Hanseatic’s name was inspired by a league created to protect the economic interests of cities and countries along key trade routes more than seven centuries ago.